TLC Blog 001 - The Sustainable Hosiery Initiative

The Legwear Co. is a women's hosiery subscription box. We deliver 3 pairs of tights every 3 months to the customer. Most hosiery products on the market are poorly manufactured and ladder or tear after just a few wears. This has a huge impact on the environment as there aren't a lot of upcycling opportunities for hosiery. Our legwear pieces are designed to last and actually come with a 3-month warranty which is a world first in our industry.

The Sustainable Hosiery Initiative has been devised to tackle a growing pollution problem in the world that often goes under the radar. Every year an estimated 250,000 tons of hosiery waste goes into landfill around the world. Before now textile products that contain elastane or lycra have not been able to be recycled. However, we have found a way of removing the elastane content from the yarn at a different melting point to the polyamide. Removing the elastane content means we can then recycle the PA6 into other plastic end uses.

We will add a prepaid returns label in each subscription order to give the customer the chance to return any unwanted/old hosiery for us to recycle. This can be any brand not just products purchased from TLC. Once we have 500kg of waste in storage we can press into bails and ship it to our partners where it will be recycled into various plastic products.

Our plan is to recover as much of the waste hosiery from households around the UK. We continue to explore how we can use the waste to create our own yarn that can be made back into hosiery. Creating a completely sustainable & vertical manufacturing process. However, where we currently stand, we can recycle the waste into plastic and or fibreglass end uses. Then continue to purchase recycled and innovative yarn technologies for our products.

The Sustainable Hosiery Initiative will potentially have a huge impact on the waste we see in landfill sites as well as what unfortunately ends up in our seas. This is an area that we care dearly about, as a company, we will pledge 10% of our profits to Ocean Plastic Charities in the UK.

Thank you and best regards

Daniel Clayton
The Legwear Co.

We are so confident you will love our hosiery pieces, we offer a 60-day warranty on all our products.