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Italian Made Eco Tights That Won’t Ladder, Pill Or Lose Shape - GUARANTEED. Try Them Risk Free For 120 Days Or Your Money Back

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If you’re like most women, you have a love-hate relationship with tights. On one hand they make you feel elegant and comfortable… But on the other hand they fall down, slip, pill, tear and ladder – leaving you feeling untidy and ashamed. You wear them once, and then throw them away. The relentless cycle.

We are The Legwear Co. - and we’ve listened to the pleas of real women. We’ve created tights that fit, shape and compliment your figure – leaving you feeling confident and comfortable each and every day. And best of all – our 50 Denier ECO tights are comfortable, durable, and designed to last.


British women have been forced into the cycle of hosiery hell. Buying pair after pair, and spending thousands of pounds each year… only to have them fall apart after one day of wear! It’s appalling. So what makes The Legwear Co. different?

Behind our range of products is 7 years of solid research. We have worked tirelessly with the world's best yarn producers and hosiery manufacturers to bring you our 50 Denier ECO tights. Our tights will stand the test of time, and save you thousands of pounds in the process…

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

How You Can Avoid The Vicious Cycle Of Fast Fashion With Our 100% Recycled Eco Tights

Did you know that 103 000 000kg of hosiery winds up in landfill every single year? Yep – it weighs more than 1330 double decker buses. You see, hosiery is the ‘single-use-plastic’ of the fashion industry - and the main culprit? Tights.

Truth be told, making poor quality tights is a tactic used by textile labels to get you to spend more money. Making products that stand the test of time isn’t good for their back pocket. Thankfully, we are recovering as much waste hosiery as we possibly can. And when you shop at The Legwear Co., you can give yourself a pat on the back for resisting the plague of fast fashion.

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

It Took Years Of Vigorous Testing And Innovation To Bring You The Most Durable Tights On The Market…

Our founder, Daniel Clayton, first fell in love with fashion at a very young age. He would go to work with his father in a textile business - some of his earliest and most cherished memories. Since this time, he knew he was destined for a career in fashion…

Fast-forward to now, he has spent over 12 years working in textiles – coming up with innovative technologies, testing new styles, and experimenting with new techniques. This exploration led him to realize the current problem with women’s cheap hosiery –and now, The Legwear Co. are proud to offer the highest quality tights on the market.

What Exactly Goes Into Our Italian Made 50 Denier ECO tights?

Nowadays, the term “ethical” is thrown around a lot by fashion labels. And unfortunately, there are brands out there that don’t follow through with their environmental commitment. At The Legwear Co. – we put our money where our mouth is.

We are proud to say that our 50 Denier ECO tights are made from 100% recycled materials. We use the most innovative yarns on the market for comfort, strength, elasticity, flexibility and resilience. Unlike most tights that carry the “one pair, one wear” mentality, our revolutionary 50 Denier ECO tights are crafted in Italy and made to last.

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Tights Are Clinically Tested To Last Over 100 Washes – So You Can Love Your Legs, For Longer

The Legwear Co.. is changing the hosiery industry – one pair of tights at a time. We’ve created one of the world’s first Eco-friendly, durable and high-quality tights -that also ooze style and sophistication.

Unlike other tights on the market, our 50 Denier Eco Tights have been through rigorous testing so you can be rest assured they won’t tear, ladder or pill. They’re clinically trialled to last over 100 washes – and they’re so durable that they can hold the weight of a human. That’s right – we even tried hanging from them. And best of all – they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

British Women Can’t Stop Raving About These Italian-Made Tights…

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Never Have Another Wardrobe Malfunction Again…

  • No Saggy Crotch
    Say goodbye to the constant reshuffling and pulling up – our 50 Denier ECO tights come in a range of sizes, so you can always get the perfect fit.

  • No Pills, Ladders or Tears
    Unlike most hosiery that is designed to ladder or tear – The Legwear Co.. tights are built to stand the test of time.

  • Guaranteed Comfort
    We value comfort above all – so if you’re not completely blown away with the comfort of our tights, we’ll refund you every last cent.

  • Moisturising Control
    Our advanced technology helps to regulate your temperature – keeping you cool or warm when it’s needed the most. *for 60D and 120D only

  • Recyclable Packing
    Even our packaging looks after the planet – you can be rest assured our tights won’t be wrapped in any single-use plastic.

  • Low Carbon Footprint
    We’re conscious of the mark we leave on our planet – so much so that everything we do, from materials to production, considers our carbon footprint.

  • 50 Denier
    With just the right amount of thickness and opacity - our 50 Denier ECO tights are perfect for those colder, winter months.

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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

See For Yourself Why Our customers Love Our Eco Tights…

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Our Sleek, Fitted And Long-Lasting Eco Tights Come In All Shapes And Sizes...

HEIGHT (CM) 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100
151 - 155 S M L
156 - 160
161 - 165
166 - 170
171 - 175
176 - 180+
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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Double Guarantee

The Legwear Co Outrageous Double Guarantee...

  • Your Peace Of Mind 120-Day Guarantee

    We have worked tirelessly to bring you our break-through range of tights that are built to last. And we’re so certain that you will love them, that we have an unbelievable 120-Day Peace Of Mind Guarantee. If for any reason you find that you aren’t comfortable in your tights, or they end up with a ladder or pill after only a few washes, we’ll refund you every single cent you paid. No questions asked!

  • Return Your Old Tights And We’ll Give You 25% Off Your Next Purchase - Guaranteed!

    We consider the environment in everything we do. That’s why at The Legwear Co.., we run an exclusive recycling program for all of your old hosiery. When you’ve got every ounce of life out of your old tights and you’re ready for a new pair, get in touch with us! All we ask is for you to return your old tights, as well as any other 3 pairs you have lying around, and we’ll give you a whopping 25% off your next pair!
    *terms and conditions apply

Women Can't Stop Talking About How Comfortable The Legwear Co. Tights Really Are!

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Still Have Questions? Here Is What We Get Asked The Most By Our Customers…

What makes The Legwear Co. different?
Everyone knows tights have a relatively short life cycle and often the product ends in the landfill just after one or two uses. This is why The Legwear Co. has spent the past seven years developing longer-lasting, more durable products. Our mission is to make the best quality hosiery tights you can buy. Most hosiery products on the market are poorly manufactured and ladder or tear after just a few wears, this has a huge impact on the environment. Our legwear pieces are designed to last. If you don’t like them, or if you need a different size, simply send them back within 120 days and we will refund you or replace them for the right size.
How does The Legwear Co contribute to reducing garment waste?
Our 50 Denier ECO Tights are manufactured using recycled yarn, by using 91% recycled polyamide and 9% elastane. Our packaging containing zero plastic and is 100% recyclable so there’s no reason for it to end up in a landfill. This is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in showing our dedication to incorporating sustainability into our brand and our hope that we can prove sustainability is possible in the hosiery industry. Our Sustainable Hosiery Initiative also allows our customers to send in their waste hosiery and leggings for us to recycle and save from landfill.
Why are other brands so detrimental to the environment?
The production of nylon releases nitrous oxide into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas and huge contributor to climate change. Because nylon is made from petrochemicals, washing nylon garments also emits harmful microfibres into our waterways, endangering marine life. With the right efforts and incentives, we could stop producing it entirely, and still have enough nylon to create new garments. Cheaply-made hosiery is one of the biggest contributors to textile waste, because, as all women know, once a pair of tights get a ladder that runs, said pair has, unfortunately, run its course (pardon the pun), and must be retired. So hosiery is, by its very nature unsustainable, as the shelf life on legwear is less than a season.
What is The Sustainable Hosiery Initiative?
We are not just an eco-friendly fashion brand. Each customer gets the chance to return any unwanted/old hosiery for us to recycle free of charge. This can be any brand, not just products purchased from TLC. We will then recycle this material and save it from ending up in landfill. Our plan is to recover as much waste hosiery from households around the world as possible. We continue to explore how we can use this waste to create our own yarn that can be made back into hosiery. Creating a completely sustainable & verticle manufacturing process.
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120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee